Back to the start of all this! Where are they now? That cant be Fez! it?? Lets hear that again! Coming to a mall stage near you !!!
Better hope that stain comes out of that fabric on your chair! CD's nutz You're already here freak!!!
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    Subject: Kip Addotta
    Date: 12/21/2005 10:07:27 AM
    Author: George

      Man its been years. These guys where the best. Remember the Elvis Peanut Butter ans Nanner sandwhich. Anybody know where I can download Kip Addotta's Wet Dreams song in its entirety.

    Subject: miss those guys
    Date: 12/13/2005 2:57:23 PM
    Author: joel

      i was a devoted Ron&Ron listener for years when i lived in orlando...i even have several hours that i taped off the radio from 94 and 95 that i still enjoy listening too....i have heard stern for years and used to enjoy Ron&Ron but the rons were better by far!!!i wish i could get to hear them again or updates on the ron & fez show

    Subject: Somebody Make the First Call
    Date: 12/5/2005 9:15:38 PM
    Author: Dan D.

      Ronnie B call Ronnie D...or Ronnie D call Ronnie B. This horrible joke has lasted long enough! Somebody's got to make the first call. Okay, you fooled us all...we never thought it would last this get back together. Somebody make the first call.

    Subject: welcome back fez
    Date: 11/30/2005 8:26:30 PM
    Author: trucker roger

      just wanted to say welcome back fezzy. glad you're doing better.I would have liked to to tell you this during the show,but that buttweasel of a phone screener you have likes to hang up on people after putting them on hold for 15or20 minutes.May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his armpits.Also don,t let Ron fool you while you were in the hospital he whined and cried the whole time,you'd think he lost his left nut or something. Anyway love the show and keep up the good work,i listen to you guy's every day. LONG LIVE FEZZY!!!!

    Subject: Genius!
    Date: 11/20/2005 8:31:38 AM
    Author: Dan

      You'd think the radio company executives would be trying to get Ron & Ron back together. With all of the changes in radio lately and satellite taking Howard Stern, I'm surprised that Ron & Ron wouldn't get back together and make a huge comeback. They already have a large built-in audience of loyal followers. The first radio company executive who puts this together will look like a genius.

    Subject: Fez
    Date: 11/16/2005 12:29:55 AM
    Author: Ira

      Just to let everybody know who is a die hard fan of the ron and ron/fez show. Fez had a heart attack last thursday. It was pretty severe. He was also diagonsed with diabetes. Any well wishes can be sent to i am sure you guys would like to drop him some get well wishes. thanks

    Subject: The people are speaking
    Date: 11/15/2005 11:52:17 PM
    Author: Richie

      The people are speaking, you assholes!!! Get back with eachother and get back on the air. Lex and Terry make my ears bleed! We need more news of Chupacabras and Paul O brandings.

    Subject: no more ?
    Date: 11/1/2005 6:15:28 AM
    Author: Steffer

      Where'd you go ? I tuned into Blue Collar tv this evening and you weren't on the show, as you typically are. Whaaaaaaa.....!!!! have you left Jeff's show for the season ? I sure hope not as you tre the primary reason that we watch Blue Collar Tv in the first place.

    Subject: Is Ron White Dead
    Date: 10/31/2005 11:05:16 PM

      I Want to know if Ron White from the blue Collar show is dead. Rumor has it that he Past away Anyone know

    Subject: Ron & Ron Should Take Over
    Date: 10/28/2005 12:30:33 PM
    Author: Dan

      Diaz and Bennington should get back together and The Ron & Ron Show should take over all of Howard Stern's radio stations. It's the one show that could easily replace Howard! What are Diaz and Bennington thinking about? They should just call each other and do it.

    Subject: Radio Needs RON & RON!
    Date: 10/19/2005 12:15:41 PM
    Author: Matt S.

      Forget about Sirius, forget about XM...Radio NEEDS RON & RON! Not Ron and Fez...but, RON & RON! Forget about Stern, forget about Bubba, forget about Opie and Anthony, forget about anyone else...Radio needs RON & RON! Its been almost a decade, and no one has had a radio show as good since. The Ron & Ron Show was an absolute phenomenon. Now is the time for RON & RON! Now, more than ever!

    Subject: still not forgotten
    Date: 10/15/2005 3:36:16 AM
    Author: Pete

      All these years has past and we are still here asking for a comeback Ron D, Ron B, if you still read this message post please pick up the phone talk to each other and get back together and make this happen, the people have spoken and they want there RON and RON back on the air, so YOU guys tell us what we have to do To make this happen

    Subject: hello
    Date: 10/12/2005 10:51:12 AM
    Author: george ricci FLATHEAD

      hey flipper whats happening, been awhile hope all is well with you... as always flat

    Subject: Morning After Morning
    Date: 10/11/2005 6:52:40 PM
    Author: Lorenzo

      Morning after morning, day after day, hour by hour, The Ron & Ron Show was the all-time best ever! It's too bad it came to an end. I haven't heard anything that even comes close since. I went to a Live Gig once and couldn't believe how many people were there. It was amazing! Diaz and Bennington could probably write their own ticket if they ever got back together. I listened to Ron & Fez, but its not the same. The Ron & Ron Show was the best thing going...whooo!

    Subject: an old fan
    Date: 10/7/2005 7:10:41 AM
    Author: Kris

      Let the Puppies Breathe!!! Just an old fan from the 95ynf days. I was stationed at MacDill AFB from 89 to 94 and Ron & Ron made the mornings worth waking up for. Kris

    Subject: Missing Ron & Ron
    Date: 9/20/2005 8:54:28 PM
    Author: Chuck D

      Ron and Fez may be great, but I miss the RON & RON SHOW. It's just not the same and never will be.

    Subject: Looking for VHS Let the Puppies Breathe
    Date: 9/13/2005 12:15:37 AM
    Author: Needy

      Glad to see Ron & Fez on XM 202 High Voltage!! Anyone have VHS from the old Ron&Ron days -- Let the Puppies Breathe ?? I'd like to get a copy.

    Subject: jokes!!!
    Date: 9/12/2005 5:11:28 AM
    Author: Sinead

      awritey michael!!! a thought you were joking!!!!!!!! great site see you soon sinead x

    Subject: Ron & Ron videos
    Date: 9/8/2005 11:02:52 PM
    Author: MacDaddy

      Does anyone know where I can purchase the Ron&Ron videos? I wore the VHS tape out.

    Subject: pup friction
    Date: 9/8/2005 7:48:04 PM
    Author: mark vincent

      I know everyone asks over and over....but can anybody find a copy of pup friction????My copy was stolen back in the day.....

    Subject: 92.5 goes Latin!!
    Date: 8/11/2005 11:56:18 PM
    Author: George

      What the hell happened to Cowhead in the mornings on 92.5 fm in Tampa? The station is now playing all Spanish music. It's officially time to buy an XM....Ron & Fez here I come!

    Subject: Flordia fans
    Date: 8/9/2005 11:32:55 PM
    Author: Virus

      Any florida fans planning to buy an XM to hear Ron and Fez?

    Subject: SIRIUS is for hacks
    Date: 8/9/2005 9:11:46 PM
    Author: The Virus

      I am glad that R&F went to XM. SIRIUS is full of big names and hacks in the business. they pay millions upon millions for BIG names like Martha stewart. XM focuses on more of the quality shows like O&A and R&F.

    Subject: Should have been SIRIUS!
    Date: 8/2/2005 12:03:42 PM
    Author: machineman

      In all honesty, Sirius has better programming... none the less this might force me to have an XM subscription on the side...! When are we going to see a real Ron & Ron reunion show?? Just a one time deal. Has Diaz ever made cameos since the departure?

    Subject: RE: RON AND FEZ ON XM
    Date: 8/1/2005 10:24:54 AM
    Author: boogerbutt

      XM Radio is also available as a stream online at a reduced monthly price. This subscription has the same channels available to XM Radio owners, plus a few online-only channels. Details are at Congrats to my buddays! Maybe now R&F can get the national attention they deserve! boogerbutt

    Subject: RON AND FEZ ON XM
    Date: 7/31/2005 2:39:26 PM
    Author: Flipper

      Yes, it is official! Ron & Fez are going to XM. The show will be starting back up in mid-September. They will be on the High Voltage channel - XM 202. The shows home base will be out of New York City. Congrats, to Ron & Fez on this awesome deal. Be sure to get your XM radio. Flipper

    Subject: XM
    Date: 7/29/2005 11:55:04 PM
    Author: Dan

      Well, it's official, they're going to be on XM sometime in September. I grew up listening to them in FL and finally got to hear them when WJFK in DC started streaming their show. I am already a SIRIUS subscriber, but I will subscribe to XM to continue listening to Ron and Fez.

    Subject: The big return???
    Date: 7/29/2005 11:00:46 PM
    Author: The fonz

      Could it be?? Ron and Ron Back together on Satellite?? I'm thinkin maybe... I just heard their sign-off on the DC station hinting that they're going to satellite and getting the band back together. I'm selling my sirius and going XM all the way if thats the case. Somebody PLEASE ONFIRM this!!! (god it's hard to type when yer drunk!)

    Subject: Memories
    Date: 7/5/2005 9:24:12 PM
    Author: fEER

      Good evening, I just wanted to let you know that I have almost shed tears thinking about what laughs you guys brought me back in the early 90's as I was stationed up in Beaufort SC. The Ron and Ron show was the best thing on the air....DGT was rockin like crazy, and you guys had a huge following. For some reason tonight, I decided to look you guys up, and here it is 12 years later and I feel like I have stepped back in time. Thanks for all the laughs and entertainment you guys provided. Savannah was the best time of my life. Looking forward to listening to Ron and Fez now that I know your location on the dial. Peace out!

    Subject: let the puppys breath
    Date: 6/27/2005 8:41:22 PM
    Author: the big man

      can anyone tell me how to get a copy (vhs or dvd) of let the puppys breath thanks in advance. jerry

    Subject: Ron and Fez now available - live stream
    Date: 6/24/2005 2:23:02 PM
    Author: boogerbutt

      Ron and Fez can now be heard (legally!) on the Net. click the Listen Live button at the top of the page. Their schedule is M-F, 7-11 P.M. EST (except Monday, when they start at 8 PM) Speculation still remains that they are moving to XM, but this is unconfirmed. boogerbutt

    Subject: Best of Ron and fez
    Date: 6/6/2005 11:58:46 AM
    Author: Anthony Qreitem

      I really enjoy listen to your show. I was wondering when u would be playing the best of Ron and Fez again?

    Subject: RE: Band
    Date: 5/24/2005 1:48:34 PM
    Author: boogerbutt

      The rumors of R&F moving to XM are just that...rumors. I applaud the boys if they take this route, but with Stern leaving, there might be more opportunity for them right where they are at *WJFK*. If you are interested in an extensive discussion about R&F and XM, check out the message boards at boogerbutt

    Subject: Ricky Williams
    Date: 5/23/2005 9:05:05 AM
    Author: Mike

      I was listening to you guys on monday morning, talking about Ricky Williams. Don't you think the Dolphins are clutching for straws trying to do anything with Williams. I would think by this point I would have more trade value in a 76 Pinto, with wornout Firestone tires. The money issue was that, with what he owes and what he would be paid, he would basically be playing for free. That sounds like a plan.....take a guy that doesn't want to be there in the first place and make him play for free....he should be a real asset to the team. Kind of like watching a Tyson fight these days....whatever he wins, there's the IRS sitting there waiting to pick it up.....

    Subject: Radio Needs Ron and Ron
    Date: 5/22/2005 4:30:20 PM
    Author: Deez

      Anybody who reads these messages probably already knows that radio has basically sucked since Ron and Ron left the air...and that's been a LONG time. I was amused by Bubba the Love Sponge, but still not the same. I am reading the scuttlebutt and hoping it's true. At least get Ron and Fez on XM so I can listen to them on a regular basis. CEE-YAH!!

    Subject: Ron & Ron
    Date: 5/20/2005 4:28:01 AM
    Author: Ron

      Ron & Ron, just wanted to let you know we are the Ron & Ron Club from the UK. I think we are very similar (were stupid!). Check out the website, maybe we should meet up! How many Ron's can you get on one planet!!!

    Subject: Band
    Date: 5/12/2005 8:39:13 PM
    Author: Jake

      Hey, The band is coming back. Anyone going to buy an XM for Ron and Fez?

    Subject: XM
    Date: 5/5/2005 3:58:51 PM
    Author: John

      Rumors have it that Ron and Fez are coming to XM, awesome!! the band is coming back.

    Subject: ron and fez go xm
    Date: 5/4/2005 9:26:13 AM
    Author: Ira

      USA are you ready for ron and fez. opie and anthony just droped the hint that ron and fez are signed to xm satellite radio. Ron and Fez will be heard nationally. Congrats to the both of them. They deserve this break.

    Subject: galvin
    Date: 5/2/2005 10:57:55 PM
    Author: 1Freebird

      you have got to be kidding. i know you are full of it and must be a howard stern idiot to post a message like this on the great ron and ron message post. take your new york stuff and stay right where you are, because if r & r were still together, stern would be working at wal mart now.

    Subject: remember?
    Date: 4/15/2005 7:28:29 PM
    Author: galvin

      ron renringtron was a realy funny guy. i really miss ron renringtron. does anyone know if i can listen to ron renringtron on the radio in georgia? i remember hearing ron renringtron on the radio back in the 1980's or 90's when i lived in florida. ron renringtron had a radio partner named ron driraz and ron driraz was also a very funny guy. now i remember hearing ron renringtron and ron driraz every moning on the radio back in the day, now that was funny radio! ron renringtron had a way of making us all laugh and ron driraz was also funny as hell. ron renringtron and ron driraz had a sidekick named fez watlenstein who was also funny but i believe he may have been 'gay'. either way ron renringtron, ron driraz and fez watlenstein sure had a funny way about them! does anyone remember the names of the other cast members on the show? i somewhat remember a larry the televison man and someone they called paul w. i also remember fast teddy and a someone they called willy the freaky phone dude. oh and how can i forget that guy who did all the stunts on the show - - his name was flounder. i remember his beard of fleas!! how funny was that! i will sure miss everyone from that show but i remeber them all like it was just yesterday.

    Subject: dikes on bikes
    Date: 4/11/2005 9:18:59 PM
    Author: Brian

      What ever happened to Joann and Rhonda?? They were great!!

    Subject: here it is...
    Date: 4/11/2005 6:30:02 PM
    Author: bingo

      the let the puppies breath video is some very funny stuff indeed. it's actually been several years since i watched this video but i think its time to dig it out of storage and play that bad boy again! if i remember correctly the video is a compilation of various ron and ron live gigs mixed with puppy shots from actual ron and ron listeners at these gigs. ron diaz has more of a dry sense of humor which fit perfectly with ron bennington and fez whatley's styles. i had the opportunity to listen to ron and fez a bit when they were in nyc and thought the show was great. the original ron n' ron show had an incredible cast of characters that all had an important part in the show's success. they included: ron diaz ron bennington fez whatley billy the phone freak fast eddie flipper paul 'o' larry the cable guy ron diaz and billy the phone freak have a morning show in tampa (103.5 fm) i just wish we could merge their show with ron and fez's show!! hey jersey jokes, if you have a link to the d.c. show please share it with the rest of us..... seeeee ya!!!

    Subject: Ron & Ron
    Date: 4/7/2005 11:42:05 AM
    Author: Chazzy

      I heard Larry The Cable Guy on Cowhead's show last week. Cowhead brought up the old Ron & Ron Show and even talked to Larry about Ron Bennington's Comedy Scene.

    Date: 4/6/2005 12:30:29 PM

      Hey Barry...the Hooter's on the radio girls are on 1010am in Tampa from 11 a.m.-1pm. Julie, Lynn, and one other girl. Still are as crazy as ever, but nothing like when Fezzy would hang out on their show after Ron squared was over...God, those were funny times. Hey...huh...(sound of bong being sucked on)...this is Carl..huh

    Subject: Cop band Hung
    Date: 3/26/2005 11:42:02 PM

      What ever happened to the band Hung? They were one of Ron & Ron's regulars. I seen them last at the hard rock in 2000. I hope Ron & Ron can get them back together.

    Subject: reunited?
    Date: 3/23/2005 9:22:05 PM
    Author: rudedog

      ron and ron may be as one once again, and take over the slot of howard stern if infinity can come to terms, as he moves on to sirius radio. then the world will know (as we have in tampa bay) just how good morning radio can be. these guys were the best!

    Subject: Ron and Ron
    Date: 3/20/2005 9:49:06 PM
    Author: Andrew

      hey larry the cable guy GIT - R -DONE

    Subject: autographed Ball from RON/RON
    Date: 3/12/2005 11:01:22 PM
    Author: Michael

      I ahve an autographed RON and RON baseball hat I won off the show from 1995/1996 (not sure of the year) It has the following autos on it--FAST EDDIE,RON B,FLIPPER,FEZ WHATLEY,RON D and one more auoto that I cannot looks like N-BGT, no idea whose it is, the baseball is a rawling baseball and flippers auto is printed. Looking for best offer until MARCH 18TH,

    Subject: is the band getting put back together
    Date: 3/3/2005 4:12:51 PM
    Author: Ira

      well well well...according to opie and anthony today looks like the ol' band from wnew is coming back together on xm202. Ronnie ended the show yesturday with your moms box which is a line from opie and anthony that they use when they leave the radio. very interesting stuff is going on. looks like ron and fez will be going to xm and the band is back together. are we on a mission from god now????

    Subject: The reuniting of ron and ron
    Date: 2/25/2005 12:52:07 AM
    Author: BirdMan23

    Subject: let the puppys breath!
    Date: 2/24/2005 11:09:03 PM
    Author: lucien

      cant find that movie anywhere! can anybody tell me where to find it?

    Subject: Where Are You!!
    Date: 2/23/2005 11:43:25 AM
    Author: BirdMan23

      We need to get the old gang back together!!

    Date: 2/15/2005 9:13:08 PM
    Author: JIM


    Subject: why did they drop ron and fez?
    Date: 2/3/2005 8:40:46 PM

      who can we contact to get ron and fez back on 1010?

    Subject: Ron and Fez have disapeared
    Date: 2/2/2005 8:22:39 PM
    Author: Tone

      Where did the Ron and Fez show go? It was on 1010 the Buzz.

    Subject: What I miss
    Date: 1/30/2005 9:43:30 AM
    Author: Barry

      I use to just crack up when they would get on Billy the Phone Freak... The day there was an earthquake in Calif and Billy was able to get a hold of Walter Cronkite and woke him up while he was staying at some Hotel...It was awesome... Young Spock Rules ...Does anyone know how the Hooter Girls are doing especially BL ??? I really enjoyed their show Too...

    Subject: how long, how long
    Date: 1/20/2005 8:43:10 PM
    Author: 1Freebird

      how long do we have to wait before ron and ron patch things up. i lived in florida for 16 years and finally gave up on them getting back together. i built a $500,000 house on my family property in another state, but would sell it for half price and move back to florida if you two would get back together. those were the days of our lives. i would schedule all my meetings around when you were on. it was the best show ever. i have had some problems with friends before, but we always worked things out. jeez, how hard can it be. i live on a 300 acre estate, but would gladly give it all up just to hear ron and ron back together. not ron and rez, but ron and ron. if either of you read this post you can email me at

    Subject: Nothing comes close
    Date: 1/18/2005 6:34:15 PM
    Author: john forman

      I came across this site the other day and it reminded me of the best radio I have heard in the last 20 years bar none. Poeple that didnt hear the Ron&Ron show, well you really missed it. Thanks Flipper for this site.

    Subject: PANTY FAXES
    Date: 1/8/2005 7:43:25 AM
    Author: DD


    Subject: Steeler's Logo -- Three stars
    Date: 1/6/2005 8:54:07 AM
    Author: steve

      History Of The Steelers Logo The Steelers logo is based on the Steelmark logo belonging to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). Created by U.S. Steel Corp. (now known as USX Corp.), the logo contains three hypocycloids (diamond shapes). In the 1950s, when helmet logos became popular, the Steelers added players' numbers to either side of their gold helmets. Later that decade, the numbers were removed and in 1962, Cleveland's Republic Steel suggested to the Steelers that they use the Steelmark as a helmet logo. When the Steelmark logo was created, U.S. Steel attached the following meaning to it: Steel lightens your work, brightens your leisure and widens your world. The logo was used as part of a major marketing campaign to educate consumers about how important steel is in our daily lives. The Steelmark logo was used in print, radio and television ads as well as on labels for all steel products, from steel tanks to tricycles to filing cabinets. In the 1960s, U.S. Steel turned over the Steelmark program to the AISI, where it came to represent the steel industry as a whole. During the 1970s, the logo's meaning was extended to include the three materials used to produce steel: yellow for coal, orange for ore and blue for steel scrap. In the late 1980s, when the AISI founded the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI), the logo took on a new life reminiscent of its 1950s meaning. The Steelers had to petition the AISI in order to change the word Steel inside the Steelmark to Steelers before the logo was complete. The Steelers are the only NFL team that sports their logo on only one side of the helmet. At first, this was a temporary measure because the Steelers weren't sure they would like the look of the logo on an all-gold helmet. They wanted to test them before going all-out. Equipment manager Jack Hart was instructed to put the logo only on one side of the helmet - the right side. The 1962 Steelers finished 9-5 and became the winningest team in franchise history to date. The team finished second in the Eastern Conference and qualified for the Playoff Bowl. They wanted to do something special for their first postseason game, so they changed the color of their helmets from gold to black, which helped to highlight the new logo. Because of the interest generated by having the logo on only one side of their helmets and because of their team's new success, the Steelers decided to leave it that way permanently. Today's helmet reflects the way the logo was originally applied and it has never been changed.